13.Mixed Warm Starters

A selection of starters; 2 Pieces Falafel, 2 Slices of Stuck, 2 Slices Of Helloumi, 2 Pieces Sigara Boregi, 2 Pieces Kalamar


Turkish pizza topped with minced meat, onions and peppers


Grilled Cypriot cheese served with tomato and cucumber


Grilled spicy garlic beef sausage served with tomato and cucumber.

17.Halloumi & Sucuk

Grilled halloumi and beef sausage served with cucumber.

18.Sigara Boregi

Pastry filled with feta cheese & spinach.

19.Humus Kavurma

Humus topped with pan fry diced lamb

20.Lamb Liver

Sauteed diced lamb liver with red onion, herbs and garnish.


Fried squids served wi th tartar sauce

22.Baba Ganush

Lightly grilled aubergine, peppers and tomatoes blended with olive oil garlic and tahini.


Fried chick peas, parsley, onion, garlic and coriander.